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    1. Hi Emily,

      Not yet as I’ve only been using it daily for a little under two weeks, but I’ll update after about 6-8 weeks when I’ve given it a chance to work xx

  1. Hi, I just bought and tried this serum but I found that it did sting – I wear contact lenses and have had problems with my eyes in the past – I wonder if I should continue?

    1. I really wouldn’t if I were you as I have sensitive eyes but it doesn’t sting mine. The only time it tingles a bit is if I get too much on the inner part of my eye, but even that’s a tingle rather than a full on sting, so I’d tread carefully if it’s stinging you xx

  2. Hi, I’ve been using this product for almost 6 weeks now, I’ve been religously putting it on twice a day, (its says you have to give it the full 8 weeks to see the benefits). I do think there is a slight different, I have spent the last 4 years wearing semi-permanent lash extensions without a break so decided I no longer wanted them anymore my lashes when I had them remvoed where non-existent (anyone who tells you that semi permamnet lash extensions does not harm your own lashes is a lier!!) they were like little stubs so thought i would try this product as soon as it launched as it was half the price of the well known to work product rapid lash. I have seen results from it, my lashes do appear to be longer and darker (not thicker though) but I guess it’s only going to work with the lashes you have already got. I would recommend this product to a friend, not sure what I expected (I love the doll eye look) so I guess I wanted to see huge results, which I haven’t, but nonetheless I do think it has worked, as I had no lashes at all. another two weeks of using the product and then they say you should maintain it and use it a couple times or once a week that’s it. if you have had lash extensions and want a treatment after you have them remvoed than yes I would recommend using this. it does not sting or tingle at all on my eyes, but then my eyes may be hardened to it afetr years of glue stuck on them! xx

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I’m still undecided on it and I think it might have made my lashes darker, but I’m still waiting until the end of the trial to decide. Glad to hear it appears to be doing more for you though.

      Definitely glad you’re no longer using lash extensions; I think they’re great for the occasional treat but not wise for long-term use xx

  3. Hi there – Ive had semi permanent lashes on for two years and need a break – im about to try this serum, but slightly nervous to loose my long semis! Im really blonde, so have really light lashes. Im wondering if this is gonna work! Argh

    Will update with my findings. Thanks for your info

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Fingers crossed for you! I actually stopped the review with the intention of starting it again as my ‘before’ pictures didn’t come out very clearly. Going on the last time I used it, I’d say that the most obvious impact was the darkening of the roots; it looked like I was wearing (very thin) eyeliner when I had no make-up on, so on that basis I’m thinking it could be a really good product for you! xx

      1. Hi Sascha – thanks for your reply. My semis come out next week – then ill start the serum (im so nervous!). Will report back with my findings x

        1. Oh don’t be nervous lovely, it’ll be fine! Worst case you can always get them attached again 🙂 Keep in mind that your lack of lashes will be magnified when they’re removed (I’ve had them a few times and I’m always overly aware of how few lashes I have!) so give yourself a few weeks to get used to them before making any rash decisions! Good luck, hope it goes well xx

  4. I bought this and used it faithfully for 9 weeks…not a bit of difference. In fact I was so disappointed I returned it to Boots and asked for my money back because if I paid £22.50 for something so Fanomenal, it’s not unreasonable to expect phenomenal results. It’s pie in the sky in my opinion. When the Boots customer services lady talked to me about it, I asked her what the science behind the product is and they couldn’t answer. Waste of good money but at least I got mine back.

    1. Oh no, that’s such a shame! Glad you managed to get your money back; lash treatments are strange as they seem to work amazingly well for some people and do absolutely nothing for others xx

    2. I’ve been using this only a few weeks and it has already made a noticeable difference. I have very fine, fair lashes that are sparse as I have a habit of picking which has left me with ugly gaps! I’m only on my second week and have some small lashes coming through the gap, and have noticed my lashes are slightly darker and fuller though not a great deal of difference to length however I will continue using as it’s early days! I have to say though, it does sting my eyes a bit but I’ve learnt to be a bit more careful applying it. I think like all products some things work for some and not for others, it’s the risk you take with all products. I think this is quite reasonably priced for a lash serum too, especially when they have vouchers off.
      Having worked for several makeup counters I find customers like Cath very unfair, we are not the scientists who design the products and the training you usually get is quite basic, maybe call and ask to speak to the development team if you want the scientific babble!

  5. I am curious if the serum has had any changes in eye color at all ? I know in my research of eyelash serum, there are some that say it can change your pigment of your eye and I have light blue eyes and don’t want those to change.
    Any help on this would be appreciated.

    1. I haven’t had any changes although I didn’t keep at it for that long – I have read that elsewhere though so apparently it is a thing! xx

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