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  1. That was a very kind and thoughtful post. I have a long-term illness that I usually handle fairly gracefully but I’m failing (badly!) at the moment. The pressure of Christmas and the sadness I feel when I find I’m to unwell to go to an event is a horrible combination. I already know that I struggle with NYE and ask that brings so I’m in for a bumpy two or three weeks. It’s genuinely comforting to know I’m not the only one that’s finding out a challenge. That said, I do hope that you have a happy Christmas!

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment and so sorry to hear you’re not having a great time at the moment! I’m so glad you found comfort in my post; I think a lot of people can feel so isolated around this time of year and end up believing there’s something wrong with them for not getting carried away in the spirit of things, as is typically expected.

      I really hope you manage to find some enjoyable times in the next few weeks xx

  2. Christmas is pretty grim for a lot of people. Nothing worse than enforced cheerfulness with an emphasis on Family and Company to make people feel even more depressed and isolated. I think it would be weird if some people didn’t react to it by feeling down. These days I spend my NYE with a couple of friends who also don’t enjoy loud expensive “fun”, and I have given myself permission to spend Christmas Day in my pyjamas if I feel like it, and the whole thing is much less stressful.

    (That was me with the depression and epic acne a few posts back btw – I think having had some awful Christmases has made me think to hell with the expected forms of jollity, I’m going to do whatever is least likely to make my head explode.)

    1. Sorry lovely, I managed to somehow miss your comment!

      I completely agree with pretty much everything you said; I swear it’s an age thing though as I was so aware this year of just how few people actually went out on NYE. There was much fewer Facebook pictures of people having their wild night outs and instead it seemed most people stayed in and got an early night! I think it’s still a bit taboo to admit that you don’t want to get carried away in the spirit of things, but that seems to be easing a bit as the years go on.

      Anyway! I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year whatever you did xx

  3. I searched for ‘Christmas Affective Disorder’ in the hope that I’d find something close to how I feel at the moment. Instead I found your blog!

    I LOVE Christmas – ALL of it! The run up, the music, the lights, the songs, the food, my family and friends. It’s been a tradition now to spend NYE at a friend’s house so there isn’t the unnecessary expenditure, and you’re spending it with people you like. [Perhaps you could try that next year?]

    However, what I always get is the comedown after Christmas and new year. So in January I feel awful and depressed. Perhaps it’s because I do love Xmas so much, that it’s overhyped and then I suffer the anti climax. You are definitely right about resolutions. As I’ve grown older, I’ve set myself realistic ‘goals’ now rather than think of them as things ‘I need to resolve’.

    Anyhow – I think the name for what I feel is probably ‘Post Christmas Affective Disorder’! Thanks for interesting read. Hope you did something nice for xmas and NYE?

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and glad to hear you enjoyed Christmas! I completely understand the anti-climax as we spend months building up to it, then suddenly it’s all gone. I remember a few years back I was really excited about the arrival of the holiday season and it flew by so quickly that I ended up feeling quite thrown by the speed!

      I hope you’re feeling better by now and Happy New Year! xx

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