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  1. Good to hear things are going well skinwise – fingers duly crossed.

    My little ears pricked up at the mention of pitted scarring – I have one area on my left cheek (dry areas scar evilly, one reason I’m grateful that apart from the lithium episode my spots mostly stick to my T-zone) that really does look like the dark side of the moon. What kind of texture of concealer works with the stamping approach?

    1. Thanks lovely, it’s definitely getting there! I’m sort of holding my breath as EVERY TIME I blog to say my skin is getting better I end up with a massive breakout…so far, so good though!

      Texturally, I’d suggest something very creamy and liquid; as my skin isn’t particularly oily any more around the scarred areas, I get on really well with Clinique’s Continuous Coverage foundation, although I use it as a concealer as it’s way to heavy for all over the face. As grim as it sounds, I think the best way to approach pitted scarring is in the same way you’d level out a wall crack; a good primer and lots of thin and well blended layers to fill them in. Benefit’s Porefessional is really good for pits as well as pores but if you’re dry then don’t use too much as it will definitely cake up. Setting in place with a slightly shimmery (but tread carefully as you don’t want anything to OTT) mineral powder or setting powder will also diffuse the look of the pits, but only after you’ve layered up some decent coverage.

      Hope this helps and let me know how you get on. Really glad to see you’re keeping an eye on the blog as I love hearing from you! xx

  2. Great post. I really want to build up a decent brush collection and real techniques kit seems to be a good place to start. x

    1. Thanks sweets; Real Techniques are actually really good in fairness, although I’m surprised they haven’t released a cheaper version of the Mac 217, especially considering it gets a lot of use in the Pixiwood vids! xx

  3. I love the real techniques brushes Im slowly building up quite a collection of them! 😉

    Leanne @ xx

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