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  1. Love what you got in your box – I got the Helen e cosmetics lipstick in cafe au lait which was a brown shade, and wish I got Dusk! I got a cute eyeshadow duo in gold and brown shades which was nice. Overall I loved my Feb box x

    1. Oooo I like the sound of the Eyeshadow duo but I do think I did better with the shade of lipstick; it’s actually really wearable and great for dressed-down days xx

  2. My lipstick shade was Caribbean, which on me was a horrible Seventies-looking orangey coral, worth it for my boyfriend’s attempts to be diplomatic about how it looked. The actual formula is nice though, which I suppose is the actual point of a sample. That said, I think I’d be more likely to buy another one if I could wear and enjoy this one instead of laughing at it.

    I looked up the MeMeMe mascara I got and it has very mixed reviews, but I can always try it with a different brush.

    The margarita-flavoured warming massage oil isn’t a very single-person-friendly sample, and is hilariously overpackaged, but I’ll reserve judgement until I use it. I was dubious about the flavour until I saw the other options and concluded that it was probably my best option. I wonder whether I need to add my own salt?

    1. I’m kind of jealous you got a mascara…your assessment of the lipstick shade sounds terrible; I’m not sure the Seventies are making a comeback any time soon, sadly. It sounds like your contents were completely different to mine! I read your comment mentioning salt and did a little shudder as I had Tequila over the weekend and the thought of it still makes me feel rather unwell…xx

    1. I’m not sure on it to be honest (the MeMeMe product) as the brush is soooo cheap. It sounds like everyone got quite a lot of different things in this month’s box xx

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