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  1. I didn’t know that the Barbican Centre was so beautiful! Do you know if the garden is open to the public? 🙂 The event must have been great over there! I knew that Amazon sells pretty much anything, and the good thing is, they do offers quite frequently, for footwear, clothing, home products – at very competitive prices and several delivery options, it’s not a surprise that this is, in a way, contributing to killing some high street stores – HMV being the most recent 😡 if it’s not something that I need in a hurry, I will probably get it from Amazon… By looking at your wishlist I just realised that they sell Butter London – good to know 😉 *runs and adds the shades that has been looking for to her own wishlist*

    Regarding the mascara – the Benefit counter at my local Boots as a big display showing the before and after, I think it’s around 18.50£ the full size one, and there is a mini one available for less than 10.00£.

    Take care****

    1. Thanks Sonia! I love Benefit They’re Real and it’s one of my favourite mascaras (it was recently overtaken by Green People’s Volumising one, but up until then it was my absolute favourite) and I’ve got about 3 tubes now! Roisin has amazing lashes so I don’t think any amount of mascara will help me achieve her level of lash perfection sadly!

      I know what you mean about Amazon (and various other online retailers) killing off the high street, but I think it’s just a case of evolution really isn’t it? Online shopping is much more convenient and usually a lot cheaper, although the idea of having high streets full of cafes and little else is rather sad.

      They have an amazing stock of Butter London varnishes; their Miracle Cuticle Kit is one of my go-to products too xx

    2. Oops, sorry forgot to say that I think the Barbican greenhouse is open to the public, but I’m not 100% certain xx

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