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  1. It’s definitely a better way of getting hold of them than ordering on ebay but the same problem remains of colour matching and getting a formulation that suits your skin.

    Are they going to be doing sample sachets or are the expecting people to buy on the chance it’s the right one?

    Simply Woman Magazine

  2. Thank you Sarah for addressing the problem.
    I have included the closest MAC shades in the additional
    information of each BB cream and I will work on getting

    1. Excellent – I’m never sure if BB creams cater to warm/cool or neutral skin tones but hopefully the good ones will let the natural colour shine through anyway.

      I’ll have a look and see what you’ve got! If there’s that many it would be helpful for a small note with each one – eg *good for combination skin or *best for high spf coverage to help people make a decision.

      Good luck with it tho!

    1. It’s where the craze all began – although the idea actually started in Germany – but you will definitely find some of the best over there so well worth checking out! xx

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