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  1. How could you leave such negative comments, the packaging is great, the colour and smell is devine, and its the best hand serum yet, you obviously have not got a clue what to look for in hand serums – how could you insult Liz Earle, she’ an expert.

    1. I’m hardly insulting Liz Earle by voicing a dislike for the colour and scent of one of her products. I said the hand serum is great (the Liz Earle Twitter has RTed my review, so they’re obviously happy with what I said) but I personally wasn’t a fan of the scent or the way the product looks. The whole idea of a blog like this is that it’s a space for airing my opinion, which is what I did in this review.

  2. As a man I love this stuff my hands are starting to go soft again and it works great on the skin around the nails. Love It.

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