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  2. …’but there is a tiny 2% of me that cannot get enough of it because it’s a sponge and I have crazy pregnancy hormones that have me obsessing over the texture and feel of sponges’… this made me LOL 🙂

    Im not pregnant but am addicted to the konjac sponge as well! Especially in the morning, no cleanser needed which is brilliant. I have very sensitive skin and have recently started with rosacea. To try and help things I have cut back my routine and stopped using as many superfluous products as possible, which is not easy being the product junkie that I am, but the konjac definitely made it easier. Yay konjac!

    1. It was quite something; I literally sat around thinking about sponges and carried one around with me as I was so obsessed with the texture – very strange!!

      The Konjacs are fantastic and ideal for anyone with tricky, sensitive or problematic skin as they’re so gentle xx

  3. I have combination, acne-prone skin. Which would you recommend most for my skin type, the bamboo charcoal or french green clay one?

    1. Hiya, I think you’d be better off going for the green one or even the original as none of them should break you out, but you don’t want to risk making your dry patches worse – I have pretty similar skin and my favourite was the green one xx

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