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  1. Nice post. As women we always live under constant threat of being old aka unattractive/out of market etc. These women and many like them prove the contrary.

    1. Thanks Andreea, that’s so true and I think we should appreciate women like this who are sticking a proverbial finger up at those who insist that only youth is attractive xx

  2. I stumbled on this post & I’m glad I did.

    I so admire Helen Mirren- she looks alive & gorgeous and glowing with natural health.

    Thank you, an uplifting post x

  3. I was googling beautiful older women hoping to see examples of how women can age with grace instead of fighting the clock. I clicked this link excitedly, but I’m disappointed every single woman pictured here is white. I was hoping to see more inclusivity and maybe someone I could look up or relate to on this topic.

    1. HI Belle,

      Thanks for your comment and you’re absolutely right. I will edit the post soon to include Khandi Alexander, Michelle Yeoh (not quite sixty but almost there!) and the awesome Angela Bassett.

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