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  1. They seem to have a great card system! I wish we had Boots in Portugal. I hate when the cards are completely useless and are basically just a way to make you come back to save only a few cents.

    1. It really is great and if you plan a bit you can make some great savings. Shame you don’t have something similar but fingers crossed that’ll change soon! xx

  2. a £100 spree on points is great! I thought I was good when I saved over £50!
    I find its easier to rack up the points when buying baby stuff and I don’t feel bad spending when its for my son!


    1. Thanks Jenn – I was gifted the spending spree (it’s a hard life!) although to be honest I’ve made it well over £100 a few times on my advantage card as I do so much of my shopping at Boots; you’re right, it’s a lot easier when buying baby stuff, especially with membership to the parenting club that gives you more points on spends xx

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