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  1. Wow.. Those colours are gorgeous.

    Utterly moved by your devotion to your readers- fancy buying that gorgeous make up just to review it for us.

    I so need a Liberty trip.. Maybe leaving the credit cards at home!!

    1. I’m so glad everyone is acknowledging my giving nature, as demonstrated through this purchase – you’re all clearly every bit as smart as I anticipated…

      Don’t go to Liberty unless you are extremely good at budgeting. Or shoplifting. xx

  2. How selfless of you!! I really do appreciate your sacrifice for the name of blogging – however I must try to be angry at you for causing a £60 drop in my own bank balance…I think hourglass fever may be infectious?

    1. I told you, I’m extremely giving like that…

      So sorry for infecting you with Hourglass Fever; I’m currently lusting after their blushers – I’m not happy xx

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