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  1. I cancelled bb subscription after christmas.. Thus far I have not seen a box from them that I wish I had (ok, I accept its been just two months).
    I dare say sooner or later they will tempt me back though…

    1. No it’s a shame the last two boxes haven’t been mindblowingly (it’s a word…) amazing; they had some stonkers last year so hopefully we’ll get more of that soon xx

  2. Oh yes… Hover over that re subscribe button each month. Currently trying to shop my own (immense) stash & everything I use up I put money in a jar towards a huge haul I the future. Well that’s tbe plan…….. X

      1. I shall be sure to report back!! Think I might save for one of those Space NK spend over x amount deals- always massively tempted by them.
        I keep telling myself there are far worse things to be hooked on than beauty products! I don’t smoke & rarely drink so it’s my “thing” x

        1. That’s a really good plan actually as it’ll ensure you get plenty of beauty for your buck.

          There is absolutely nothing wrong with being hooked on beauty, trust me! We all need our hobbies…xx

  3. I received Birchbox for a while and still have many of the items lingering in my makeup drawer. I do love to open a surprise parcel though!

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