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  1. Thanks so much for this review! The foundations look lovely on you. I’ll be traveling to the UK this spring and one of the things I’ve wanted to do is visit an Illamasqua shop because I’ve heard such wonderful things about their foundations. Would either of these be good for someone with oily skin? Dryness really isn’t an issue for me, but oil is.

    1. Ooo you should definitely visit an Illamasqua shop – ideally the main one on Beak Street as it’s fabulous! I would definitely recommend either of these for oily skin as long as you set it in place with a bit of powder. Also keep in mind that I think it’s the oily parts of my face that caused a slight oxidisation that darkened the shade a little, so maybe go slightly lighter than you might normally xx

      1. Thanks for the tips – I’ll definitely try to get to that store! And I’ll definitely ask about oxidation, since I’m oily all over (I only get rare dry patches during the worst of the winter and then only if it lasts a long time).

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