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  1. Hi-

    Sorry you had to go through this. What’s great is that you checked yourself or lumps and didn’t hesitate to get to the doctor’s ASAP. Thank goodness your lump turned out to be benign. I wish you well and am glad you can finally relax about your health.


  2. I have had exactly the same thing- it’s terrifying. Glad you are all clear.

    there is a strong family history of cancer in my family too- I know that can’t be changed too.

    Hugs lovely lady x

    1. Thanks so much xx

      It’s a tricky mentality isn’t it? I’m actually going to get the genetic testing to find out one way or another which I can’t wait to do as I think it’ll give me a bit more control over the situation…I find information very empowering!

      Sorry to hear you’re in the same situation xx

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