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  1. That sounds really intriguing. I’d definitely rather privacy at Fenwick! I wish Selfridges put ingredients on their site. I never buy anything from there because they don’t give any info.

    1. That’s a really good point actually and it’s never occurred to me! I wonder why they don’t? Not very helpful, is it?

      It’s great learning a treatment you can do at home rather than have to keep going back xx

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  3. I recently had an amazing face massage in Selfridges with Julia Scoshila Daramsing.
    Julia is very knowledgeable about the products and the massage treatment. She explained very well about the products and how to fo the massage at home. I have my lines on the middle of my eye brows reduced after the treatment. I feel really relaxed, and I had the best night sleep.
    My skin changed a lot since I started to use Suqqu ( thanks to Julia advice), I feel refreshed and younger.

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