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  1. I’m loving my MaxFactor Creme Puff blusher & have recently picked up one of the lipsticks from this line. I’ve had my eyes on lots of the Makeup Revolution palettes but have never seen the Iconic Elements palette – I’ll be on the look out for it as it looks beautiful! Xx

  2. Those Max Factor blushes are everywhere on blogs, they seem really popular. Hopefully there’ll be a 3 for 2 on at Boots when I next go in.

  3. My go to pallet is Naked Basics 2 as well. Love the colours in the MUR one, but the past few times I have used it, it bizarrely made my eyelids itch! Going to give it another bash as I love their products for “playing” with colours with- at those prices I can afford to take a risk & try a new colour. Xx

    1. Wow how strange! Those are my two favourite all-time palettes, I just love them. MUR do some amazing palettes for playing – so do Sleek actually xx

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