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  1. You must have read my mind… My beloved foundation brush is on its last legs. This looks like a fab brush for the price.

    Another thing on the list called “things Sascha made me buy” xx

    1. Ha ha 😀 Your bloody Cohorted e-mail has got me primed and ready to jump on the next box, so I think we’ll be evening each other out soon!

      This brush is brilliant and it makes achieving a flawless base so easy. Have you tried any Pixi bits? If not then you definitely should – I reviewed their latest palette recently and that’s a great place to start as you get a lot of bang for your buck xx

  2. I recently popped into their store & have one of their plum eyeliners (doesn’t budge) and have a lip balm which is lush.

    I so need June’s cohorted box!!! The contents of my May one are so worth the money. In fact it was your post that got me ordering their box. I may have set an alarm on my phone for when June’s are released xx

    1. Oh I love their lip balms! Their eyeliners work really well for tight-lining as they’re so creamy, yet they really do stay put.

      I am so jealous – May’s Cohorted is amazing!! Can’t wait to see what’s in June’s xx

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