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  1. I have definitely fallen out of love with beauty boxes. I’ve cancelled all but one of them – My Little Box. In my opinion its a far superior box, everyone seems to get them at around the same time so its rare to get spoilers and its always worth more than what I pay!

    Glossy and Birch et al have lost it for me, and I just wasn’t getting that excitement any more

  2. I’m getting closer & closer to cancelling GB.. This just doesn’t do it for me & I have a huge pile of products which I am simply “meh” about. I think I’d rather just put my money towards a product I know I like.

    Maybe I’m just old & grumpy xx

  3. I just got this box and I don’t think there’s a single thing I’ll use. Every summer box seems to include the tattoos, which I’ll never use. Plus I just don’t believe in anti cellulite products. I think this is my most disappointing Glossybox ever

  4. I just got this exact box. I like the spray – good handbag size. The rest don’t impress me much….. X

  5. This was my first ever Glossybox (or beauty box for that matter) and I’m kind of disappointed also. I was hoping for more make-up.

    The spray looks nice & I’ll use it but it’s not something I would usually buy AT ALL.

    The face wipes are something I use & always need but c’mon, I can buy those for the same price anywhere!

    If I was twelve I would probably adore the false tattoo’s but at 21 I would find them embarrassing to wear.

    It’s great that you get such a huge tube of the anti-cellulite stuff, but again (even though I do have cellulite) it’s not something I would use/buy. I’ve always heard that creams like this are cons anyway and don’t actually do much.

    The nail polish is cute, I got the dark blue colour. It’s definitely my favourite thing in the box and the only thing I was excited to receive to be honest.

    So overall as a first time Glossybox-er I’m not that impressed. From what I’ve seen of past boxes there are lots of cool things but I suppose it’s just hit-and-miss? Like Sascha however I am hopeful about the next box because of the French theme.

  6. This is also my first GB. I’ve heard so many good things about GB, so I was excited to receive this. However, I was really letdown when I saw what was inside. I have lip balms galore. I don’t have cellulite, so that’s a waste. Don’t like lip liners. I’ll try the tube of Honey Peel and see how I like it. If they don’t get any better, I’ll vp cancel.

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