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  1. These actually look very pretty! Knowing me I’d probably end up looking too sparkly with these but I like the idea of putting it under foundation.
    Hannah xx

    1. Interestingly they’re not actually that sparkly, they instead offer more of a metallic finish – it’s very flattering as long as you don’t overdo it, but they blend out so well that any mistakes should be quite easy to correct xx

  2. LOL’ing at the tin man picture! I thought exactly the same and have found a little goes a longggg way with these. The Monaco is defo my favourite and I have the really pinky one, which I think actually works well as a weird kind of blush. x

    1. ha ha 😀 It does actually look as though he’s overdone the liquid highlighter doesn’t it? It’s a lesson for us all…

      Ah I quite fancy the pink one so I’m probably going to pick it up xx

    1. Funnily enough, Monaco actually reminds me of Benefit High Beam – it’s quite a dupe isn’t it? I am loving Sleek at the moment – they keep releasing knockout products!

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