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  1. Hi Sascha,
    I just happened upon your blog and completely understand your trials with acne as an adult. I had pretty clear skin through my teens and twenties but once I hit 30 I developed horrible cystic acne! All under my jaw line, along my temples and on my cheeks. Nothing worked except antibiotics but only for a short time. A friend recommended Peter Thomas Roth 3% glycolic acid wash and after using it twice a day for just a few days, my skin started to clear up! After two weeks, the cysts were GONE! I have been using it ever since for over a year and have not had any major outbreak. I will get small spots here and there when I have run out and used something else but after I go back, my skin clears. It’s been a miracle product for me and I won’t use anything else. I am definitely not a Peter Thomas Roth sales person but I recommend it to everyone dealing with acne. Best of luck and I’ll continue to read!!

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