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  1. Ooh, I love the green packaging! Looking at the Elemis website, it would cost £145 to purchase direct from them so this is an incredible saving. Thank you so much for sharing x

    1. Thanks Katie! I love TSVs as they’re always such great value – thanks for checking the RRP, it is a mega saving! xx

    2. If the Superfood day cream was full size at 50ml your Rrp would indeed be £145 for all products. However it looks like the day cream is 30ml and I have been unable to find a price for that. The Rrp stated in advert is £130 which is nearer the correct amount.

      1. Thanks so much for the update; as it’s a yet-to-launch range (at the time of writing) I have to follow press releases regarding quoting RRPs etc, so it’s based on whatever information is available at the time. Still a great bargain though! xx

  2. Thank you for being so well informed and ahead of time of the TSVs ?
    Your descriptions are short and to the point.
    Well done….and don’t stop ??

    1. Hi Claire, thanks so much for your lovely comment – I really appreciate it and I’m so pleased the posts are proving handy xx

          1. Available on pre order today. Taken prices from Elemis website for comparison and included p&p in calculation.

            Superfood Facial Wash: Worth £25 cost £9.35

            Superfood Day Cream: Worth £25.20 (based on 50ml is £42) cost £9.42

            Superfood Facial Oil: Worth £45 cost £16.82

            Papaya Enzyme Peel: Worth £33 cost £12.34

            Total worth in my approximation £128.20 cost inc p&p £47.93.
            Hope this helps someone decide to buy or not.

            Great Blog, thank you.

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