A Tail of Two Products: David Mallett No.2 Spray Le Volume and Volume Powder

David Mallett No.2 Spray Le Volume and Volume Powder PIN IT

It’s been a while since I featured any hair products, and I think that’s because I’m mostly pretty happy with what I’m using, so I’m not tending to reach for anything new.  Having said that, one of these David Mallett products has featured heavily in my recent hair care routine, so I thought I’d share my experience of both products.

David Mallett No.2 Spray Le VolumePIN IT

Starting with the bad, the David Mallett Volume Powder, which is one of those putty-style powders that gives hair a big burst of grit, resulting in texture, volume, movement and a matte finish.  I’m very fussy with these types of hair powders as they’re often either so light that they don’t do anything, or so heavy that they turn hair into a sticky mess.  The David Mallett Volume Powder was the latter for me, which is a real shame as I like the delivery method of a spray, which you think would ensure a more even distribution, but I found I was left with clumps of sticky, tatty knots that I didn’t like at all, so it’s a thumbs down from me.  The David Mallett Volume Powder is £28 here – link.

David Mallett Volume Powder ReviewPIN IT

The David Mallett No.2 Spray Le Volume is a whole different story, and is aforementioned product that features in my regular hair care routine.  It’s a volumising mist that’s light and virtually untraceable on the hair, yet it makes a very noticeable difference to the volume of hair, leaving it looking and feeling soft, shiny and bouncy.  Another great plus is that it also stops hair getting frizzy or flyaway when there’s static about, so it’s a true multi-purpose product that I like very much; when I’m going for an all-out salon-style finish, I use this with a blow dry styling brush and the finish is brilliant, plus it holds really well and doesn’t make my hair become greasy any quicker than when I use nothing at all.  It’s £28 here – link.

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