Quick Pick Tuesday: Invisibobble Multiband

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Usually, the first thing I do when I get home, is put my hair into a ponytail (with an Invisibobble) then use a headband to take care of any stray strands.  I don’t know why, but having my hair down when I’m home really annoys me, and I much prefer to get as much out of my face as possible and keep it that way for as long as I can.  I’m clearly not alone in my needs, as the Invisibobble Multiband is a combination product designed to cater to both elements – it’s a hair band and an Invisibobble band in one.

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When these arrived I expected them to be the answer to all my needs when it comes to getting home and getting my hair up as quick as possible, but for some reason they’re not doing it for me, and I can’t full pinpoint why, so I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just because I’m set in my ways.  The band that sits on your hair is soft with a type of silicone that allows it to gently grip the hair (it never pulls at the hair) and each end is attached to an open Invisibobble, so you put the hairband on as you normally would, then you use twist the Invisibobble to create a hair band that then ties the hair into place.

Invisibobble MultibandPIN IT

I think the main reason these don’t totally work for me is that my hair is very soft, and these rely on a certain level of grip that keeps everything in place.  Consequently, both the hair band and the Invisibobble part (with kind of work in harmony together, so if one starts to go, the other does too) tend to slip around a bit on my hair and I find it a bit of a faff getting it all lined up again each time I need to get it back into place.  I need to do this with my usual Invisibobble/hairband combination too, but it’s quicker and easier to achieve.  I think these are a brilliant and very handy invention that will suit most hair types other than those who are like me with very soft hair.  They are £5.99 each here – link.

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