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Revlon Professional Nutri Color CremesPIN IT

I’m very accustomed to the struggle that is trying to keep ashy hair ashy, especially since my hair seems to inexplicably desire warmth; from the moment I get my ashy colour put in, you can almost see the brassiness developing in real time – it’s very annoying! With that in mind, I was very keen to try some of the newest shades of the Revlon Professional Nutri Color Cremes, especially as they’re all the types of cool tones than lend themselves brilliantly to maintaining ashiness. These brilliant hair care products provide a multitude of benefits, offering either a colour refresh or boost (or full-on transformation!) in a formula that’s incredible nourishing and kind to hair.


I started with the Revlon Professional Nutri Color Creme in White Platinum (1002) which is the perfect product for my needs, as it’s designed to cancel out yellow tones in ashy blondes, which it achieved brilliantly.  I applied it, left it for a full 15 minutes, then washed it off to reveal perfectly cool blonde with not a hint of purple.  Spurred on by my positive experience, I tucked into the tar-like Iridescent Grey (120) and…promptly dyed my hair a dark grey.  Fun! It was completely my fault as I left it on for around 10 minutes (I had only intended a shorter time, but I got distracted) and by the time I washed it off I was full-on grey, which, surprisingly, wasn’t as bad as I had expected and it was a lovely, shimmery silver shade that’s still fairly obvious, around 6 washes later, thus proving that the deeper, stronger shades will actually provide a solid hit of fairly long-lasting colour without the hassle of having to wash it back in every couple of washes.  The grey shade is still obvious at the front, but the rest of my head is just a very cool blonde, so I’ll probably use the grey again, I’ll just leave it on for a minute! There are some fantastic ashy shades available in the range, such as Light Beige and Frosty Beige (how good do they sound??) as well as the deeper Frosty Brown and Ash Brown, but if you fancy something a bit more dramatic, they have some great, vibrant shades such as Pink, Violet and Lavender – check out the colours here – link – although I note the recent shade launches don’t seem to be there.  They are £11.95 each and you can find them here – link.

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