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I WILL help you find your perfect facial SPF.  As someone who finally cracked it this year, finding an array of SPFs that suit my varying news, I’m putting out lots of SPF-led content to help you find your new SPF love.  I’ve written a lovely big post on facial SPFs here, so if you’re not sure where to start then there’s a good spot, but if you know what you like and it’s a SPF that’ll double as a primer, thus saving a few precious minutes on your routine, check out these five superstars:


I’m doing these in order of price as I thought that would be a handy way to provide something for all budgets. Whilst they aren’t exactly dirt cheap, the ELF Beauty Shield SPFs are both at the lower range of the price bracket at £14.50 each.  You have the Beauty Shield SPF50 Skin Shielding Primer and the Beauty Shield SPF50 Skin Shielding Moisturiser, although I think both can safely be perceived as primers depending on your skin type, with the Moisturiser filling the role of SPF, primer and moisturiser, so great for lazy routines.  Find them here – link.


The Vichy Ideal Soleil Velvety Face Sun Cream SPF50 was my first real experience of a really good priming SPF that felt great on the skin.  This is the sort of product that demonstrates how a good, multi-purpose SPF should be; it’s creamy without being greasy, leaves skin looking and feeling improved without excessive shine, sits well under make-up and has a good, high SPF of 50.  It’s £16.50 here – link.


I’ve already reviewed the Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Protection SPF50 here, so I won’t launch into another review, other than to say that this is a great product for anyone who avoids SPFs due to finding them too greasy or rich, as this is light and lovely and can actually work in place of a moisturiser too, if you don’t need a lot of hydration.  It’s £24 here – link.  Finally the Emma Hardie Protect and prime SPF30 is another great, lightweight option that’ll provide a good level of SPF30 (although I always favour a higher level, even though there isn’t actually a lot of difference between the effectiveness of SPF30 and SPF50) alongside skincare and a soft-focus primer, so it ticks all the boxes and is ideal for anyone looking to invest in a solid, multi-tasking product.  It’s here – link – for £46.

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