Holiday Ready Feet with Margaret Dabbs and Sanctuary Spa (Holiday Heroes)


I forgot how much maintenance was necessary to get my woefully neglected body ready to be paraded around in a bikini – it almost doesn’t seem worth it…almost.  I’ve got my waxing booked for tomorrow (it’s been a while since I’ve had a wax, it’s like being licked by puppies, right?), my lashes will be sorted at the weekend and today I made a start on my hands and feet with a gel manicure and pedicure.  My very kind therapist agreed to use some products I’d been recently sent so I could get the full-on pedicure experience:


First up, the Margaret Dabbs London 3 Piece Foot Care Collection was actually a relatively recent QVC UK TSV, but the products didn’t make it to me in time for me to feature.  Whilst the TSVs are the very best way to get sets like these, it’s still relatively well priced for a set of three luxury foot care products.  In the set you get a massive bottle of the Hydrating Foot Soak, a product that really enhances the whole at-home pedicure experience, one of the cult Foot Files (a product that first introduced me to the Margaret Dabbs brand) and the product I think I like the most, which is the Foot Hygiene Cream, because it does so many things; it maintains foot health, lightly exfoliates and hydrates, making it a great maintenance product.  It’s £65 here – link.


If you have dry feet, this duo from Sanctuary Spa will make a huge difference, especially when used together.  The Moisture Rich Foot Butter is as it sounds, rich, comforting and deeply nourishing, but interestingly not very greasy – it’s a great choice for night time feet care especially and it’s £6 here – link.  After applying a layer of the Moisture Rich Foot Butter and letting it settle-in, follow-on with the Heel Balm, which is an even richer and more concentrated product for those areas of skin that get really tough and hard – for some people that’s the heel, but for me that’s the outer edges of my feet as I tend to put more pressure on them.  This is £7.50 here – link.  Boots currently have a 3for2 for Sanctuary products, so now is the time to stock-up!

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