Sun Care Innovations (Holiday Heroes)


Just when you thought I had said all I needed to say about SPF and sun care…you were wrong, I still have loads, starting with a look at these five great innovations in the sun care field:


I’ve mentioned my love for Garnier Ambre Solaire in previous posts, so I’m excited to try their new UV Water Clear Sun Cream Spray SPF30, which sounds like it’s designed to remove all the off-putting elements of sunscreen application, such as greasiness, stickiness and heaviness.  It’s £8 here – link. The Vichy Ideal Soleil Solar Protective Water SPF30 Hydrating is another fancy SPF in water form, that also provides a level of non-sticky hydration, giving you the best of both worlds without any of the unpleasantness. It’s £19 here – link.


All five of these products are things I’m looking forward to getting stuck into on my holiday, but I think the one I’m most keen to try out is the simply named Tan Cream, which seems to combine everything you could possibly need in both a sun cream and a fake tanner.  It’s got a brilliantly high SPF50, it’s a gradual self-tanner, it’s also an instant bronzer so you can see where you’re putting it and immediately enjoy a sunkissed glow, it’s also a moisturiser that can be used on the face and body, so it really does everything and I’m looking forward to putting it through its paces! It’s £39.95 here – link.


The Filorga UV Bronze Body SPF50 is a combination of a very high SPF in spray-form, with lots of lovely skincare ingredients so your skin look and feels amazing after a day in the sun; think collagen, hyaluronic acid and NCTF – basically all the stuff you’d expect to find in a fancy facial serum, but in the form a spray for your body – and apparently your hair too! It’s £29 here – link.


I have actually tried the Child’s Farm 50+ SPF Roll On a couple of times and I really like it, so I had to include it here as it’s such an easy way to apply SPF to your child – just roll it on and rub it on.  It’s particularly handy for ensuring you get the amount just right, so you don’t end up with loads of excess, whilst still creating an even layer.  It’s £10 here – link.

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