What I Took On Holiday – Sun Care (Holiday Heroes)


I took quite a bit of sun care away with me, as you can see, with the entirely reasonable justification that it was to cover all eventualities for all three of us.  Therefore I took lots of SPF for mum, Teddy and I, as well as some decent hair protectors (none of which got used) and some after sun products too, just in case.


Big shock, I took a full bottle of NeoStrata Sheer Physical Protection and that’s pretty much all I used on my face.  I took the UltraSun Face SPF50 too, with every intention of giving it a go, but I got so, so lazy when I was out there that I couldn’t even face trying out anything new, just in case it didn’t work for me and I had to take it off and redo it.  That lazy.  I did use lots of the Ultrasun Lip Protection which has an SPF30 and is rather fabulous for protecting lips from the sun, an area we often ignore when it comes to protection.


Teddy was well and truly covered with a good selection of SPFs from Garnier and Childs Farm.  The Childs Farm SPF50+ Roll On is such a great product, that my mum ended up nicking as she found it handy for spot application on the parts of her face that tend to puff up in the sun (under her eyes, mostly) but I did also use it a few times on Teddy.  I carried a bottle of the Childs Farm SPF50+ Spray around with me and used it every day, mostly on his face as I found it absorbed quickly, so there was less risk of it getting in Teddy’s eyes – a few times we had an issue with him getting sun cream in his eyes and it was awful as it gave him sore eyes for the rest of the day, so I was careful with my application and used a good few sprays on his face, which I applied by squirting into my hand then working it around his face, hairline and ears.  The Garnier Kids Sensitive Advanced Anti-Sand Spray is still my absolute favourite way to apply sun protection to Teddy’s body, as it’s just so easy – you can spray from any angle and it applies a fine mist that you don’t even need to rub in, so it’s quick and not messy at all.  I took the other Garnier spray too, but didn’t end up using it as I was happy with the duo above.


The took lots of body SPFs for mum and I to try out whilst we were away, but again, a lot were neglected as I found a couple of favourites and stuck with those.  I took a couple of tanners with the intention of returning home with an impressively natural (yet bottled) glow, but that didn’t happen.  I took the St Moriz Gradual Tan and Protect Cream and the Tan Cream as I thought these sounded like the best options for me. I did use the Tan Cream once to add some colour to my feet and I was very impressed, so it’s definitely a keeper.  I used the Vichy Solar Protective Water which I just found too greasy; it was the hydrating version, so the normal one might not have the same issue, but it was too much for us.  However, if you like to use sun oils then you would love this as it makes skin gleam.  I also took the Filorga spray which I completely forgot to use – annoyingly, as I used another Filorga product whilst I was away and it was *amazing*.  The main product that got a lot of use (and was almost empty on our return) was the Garnier UV Water, which was still quite greasy, but tolerably so.  I used this a lot when I was swimming (and on Teddy too at the same time) as it felt like it was still very much there when we got out of the pool, which I found reassuring.  This was obviously true too as Teddy didn’t burn the whole time we were there, and he did lots of swimming!


I took the Aveda After-Sun Hair Masque and then completely forgot about it, which is annoying as I definitely could’ve put it to good use whilst I was there – plus I love doing a conditioning treatment on Teddy’s hair as he has such lovely hair! The Korres Hair Sun Protection also didn’t get any use, nor did the Ultrasun After Sun.  I took a Filorga after sun with me that was absolutely gorgeous, but, obviously, I forgot to include it in the images.  With that in mind, I’ll be doing a full review on it as I think it deserves it, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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