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If you’re a Beauty Geek like me, chances are you’ll already be very familiar with Swedish brand FOREO and their cutting edge beauty devices, and you’ll probably know their LUNA cleansing massagers most of all, so I’m very excited to share with you their newest essential beauty tool, the FOREO LUNA mini 3, which is available in a selection of four bright and vibrant shades (predictably, I went for Fuchsia) as well as a smart and modern black number.  I almost went for the Sunflower Yellow as it’s so bright and sunny, but pink won out in the end.  There’s a lot of innovative developments in this latest incarnation of the LUNA series, so settle in whilst I talk you through them all.

FOREO LUNA Mini 3, FOREO Micro-Foam Cleanser, Facial Cleansing Massager, Luna Mini 3 by Foreo ReviewPIN IT

The FOREO LUNA mini 3 provides all the technology of previous versions of the FOREO LUNA, alongside some exciting new additions, all in a portable format that’s quick and easy to use, so you can take it everywhere, whether you’re doing some travelling or just popping to the gym.  In fact, pre and post-workout face care is where the LUNA mini 3 really comes into its own, since it’s gentle yet powerful T-Sonic Pulsations and extra-soft touchpoints allow for an incredibly deep and thorough cleanse, without any harshness or abrasion – this truly is a facial cleansing massager for post-workout skincare. There’s also a new Glow Boost Mode (my personal favourite!) which allows for a quick 30 second cleanse that perks up skin and provides a hit of radiance with minimal effort.

FOREO LUNA Mini 3, FOREO for you app, Facial Cleansing Massager, Luna Mini 3 by Foreo ReviewPIN IT

There are now 12 (!!) adjustable cleansing intensities that allow you to really personalise your cleansing experience via the FOREO For You app that includes a “how to use” instructional manual, alongside an array of settings that allow you to find your perfect level of strength to suit your unique skin type.  I personally sit somewhere in the middle, but if it’s been a sweaty or heavy make-up day, I kick it up a couple of notches for a really deep cleanse; the fact that the silicone brush head is made of seriously soft touch points – they really are impressively gentle – means I can increase the intensity without upsetting my often sensitive skin and what’s particularly great about these functions is that they are so easy to implement so you can get personalising straight away.

FOREO LUNA Mini 3, Facial Cleansing Massager, Skincare, Luna Mini 3 by Foreo ReviewPIN IT

When you receive your brand new FOREO LUNA mini 3, you can immediately connect it to your phone by downloading the FOREO For You app and this is where the cleansing process gets really fun, as you can control your LUNA mini 3 via the app! There are so many fantastically considered options available through the app, with the more typical, such as instructions and device info, but then you also have the impressive add-ons such as the “Find my LUNA” function, which is particularly handy if you’re like me and tend to randomly lose stuff with no explanation; just open the app, click on the function and the LUNA mini 3 starts pulsating until you’ve found it.

FOREO LUNA Mini 3, Facial Cleansing Massager, Skincare, FOREO, Luna Mini 3 by Foreo ReviewPIN IT

Using the FOREO LUNA mini 3 makes a huge difference to my skincare routine and can be used with all types of cleansers, although it works particularly well with the FOREO Micro-Foam Cleanser.  Not only does it really help with providing a very deep and thorough cleanse in a short space of time, it also allows me to do what I call “spot cleansing”, so when I’m doing a lot and I feel like my skin could benefit from an additional cleanse throughout the day, the Glow Boost Mode is perfect for this, providing a very quick cleanse to remove all that spot-causing sweat.  I also really love the fact that the silicone touchpoints are so soft, they really need to be felt to be believed! Regular readers will know that my skin is particularly tricky, as it can get very dry, but it’s also quite breakout prone, and if not handled correctly, it can also be very sensitive – FUN!  If you also have difficult skin, the FOREO LUNA mini 3 is ideal for this, as it really helps balance skin and provides a deep cleanse without any of the irritation often associated with a thorough cleanse.  As a final note, I also love the size – it’s compact and cute, without being too small that it feels fiddly, so it’s just right, plus you get up to 400 uses on a single charge, so there really is a lot to love about the new FOREO LUNA mini 3.

The FOREO LUNA mini 3 will be available in the UK from end Sept at


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