Crown Brushes Blush Palette

Crown Brushes Blush Palette

So I woke up one day with a fierce determination to find the perfect pale pink blush. I’ve no idea why, but I do this quite a bit (wake up with random beauty-related theories that I then try to put into practice) and I believed that with my freakishly pale complexion, a pale pink would look fabulous. Thus began a painfully expensive goldilocks-style hunt where the various pale-pink purchases were either a little too dark, a little too sparkly, and eventually, just right. The ‘just right’ was found in the Crown Brushes Blush Palette that I purchased at the astoundingly manic Crown Brushes stand at Beauty Olympia. The stand itself was a make-up brush lover’s dream (pictures below) and clearly I’m not alone in my odd thing for seeing the possibilities in weird looking make-up brushes as the stall was packed for each one of my 3 visits.

A selection of their palettes. 

Oh the brushes…the BRUSHES!!!
Now to the palette itself. If you were ever the little girl (or boy) who was enchanted by the beautiful colours of your mother’s make-up then this is the palette for you as it’s ever so pretty. The powders themselves are really fine which is ideal for building up colour. They’re pretty true to their pan colour, if maybe a little pinker, as shown in the swatches. They’re perfect for everyday use and are very buildable.  As BritishBeautyBlogger mentioned in her post about this palette, it’s ideal for those of us who’s skin colour changes with the seasons as the pink you love during winter might look washy against tanned summer skin.  
The pinks are the reason I bought these and there’s a mixture of shimmer and matte tones which is wonderful for highlighting. The swatches match the order of the palette from left to right for both the pinks and the browns:

Done very sheerly to give you an idea of how pretty the pinks are.

More product applied for a denser colour payoff.

 The browns are also and peaches are also really nice (not normally the colours I’d go for but the beauty of this palette is that it introduces you to colours you’d normally never consider) and are ideal for contouring. These also come in a mix of shimmer and matte.

First one is a pinky brown, then they fade into more peachy before becoming really brown .

Not the best swatch, but taken in brighter light to (hopefully) demonstrate the colour better.

My first experience of Crown Brushes palettes is a really positive one (I’m soooo in love with this blush palette) which means I’ll inevitably look into buying some of the others on offer.

The final – and arguably most important – note to mention is that these palettes are unbelievably cheap; this palette was £18 and if you consider you’re getting 10 blushers that works out at £1.80 per blush.  Unbelievable value.

Found out more here and check out their Facebook page here.  Also read BritishBeautyBlogger’s blog on this palette here.  



  1. October 8, 2011 / 9:58 AM

    very pretty colours 🙂

  2. October 8, 2011 / 1:20 PM

    They really are, aren’t they? I looove them 🙂 thanks for your comment xx

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