Vivo Primer: Initial Thoughts

I wrote about my mini Vivo haul here and in my tiny splurge I bought their Primer.  I’m eagerly hunting different primers at the moment to find out more about what they can do, so I was really keen to give this one a whirl; especially as it’s so incredibly cheap, so if it turned out to be rubbish I wouldn’t be too out of pocket.

I’ve only been using this for a couple of days so there’s a few things I can’t comment on yet (like whether it causes breakouts) but on first impressions it appears to be doing exactly as it says on the tin.  It’s got a great, velvety consistency and spreads well without going into bits.  It’s also managed to keep my shine at a minimum and kept my foundation in place.  I haven’t used this for a full day yet so at the moment, it’s kept everything in place for about 5-6 hours which I think is pretty good, but I’ll report back with how I get on with it on after a full day’s wear.

Consistency wise, it’s very similar to the L’Oreal Studio Secrets one; it has the same smoothness and is very easy to apply.

Whilst it’s still in it’s initial testing phase (obviously that sounds so much more technical than it actually is…), so far I’m really impressed and I’m currently working my way through a few different primers to put together a recommended list, and at the moment this appears to be a great contender.

It’s available at Tesco for £6.


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