Boots No7 Airbrush Away Primer

As well as blushes and face masks, another of my recent obsessions is primers.  I’ve tried quite a few different ones recently, but the one I keep coming back to it’s the No7 Airbrush Away Primer.

What’s most interesting about this primer is that it’s kind of a hybrid of a light moisturiser and a primer.  It feels slightly nourishing on my skin without any greasy after feel, meaning that, due to my oil-prone skin, I can comfortably get away with using this in place of a moisturiser and a primer without my make-up caking on any dry parts I have, like my cheeks.

Another interesting point that differentiates this from other primers is the fact that it doesn’t have that silicone-like feel, it feels much more like a face cream.  However, it still does a really good job at priming my skin by evening out my skintone, lightly covering my imperfections and softening the appearance of my pores, so people with fairly good skin could easily get away with using this instead of a base just to perk up their skin.

I wouldn’t say this is the absolute best primer available for masking pores, but the fact that it’s a really useful multi-tasker and time-saver are a couple of the reasons why I keep using it; it fades them enough so that I don’t need to worry about them and for special occasions I use a primer that’s specifically for hiding pores over this as the only area I have obvious pores are my cheeks.

I’d say I probably use more of this daily than I do other primers which might work out a little more expensive, especially as it appears to be quite a small tube (30ml) but I don’t know whether that’s just the appearance as after doing some research, most primers seem to contain around 30ml, if not less!

Not the most helpful of pictures but you can just about make out the primer worked into the skin. 

I haven’t found this to dry out or breakout my skin, so I’d say it’s suitable for most skin types, although I’d say that dry and very dry types would benefit from using this over a moisturiser.

One thing that I really like about this primer is the fact that it sits comfortably under eye make-up and under eye concealer as again this adds to it’s multi-use appeal.

I’d definitely say this makes my make-up last longer and it certainly slows down the appearance on oil on my nose and chin, which are my oiliest areas.

Same as above with different lighting. 

“Airbrush Away” is definitely a good name for this primer as that’s exactly what it does; I noticed this most when I took pictures of my face for another review as all my imperfections looked softer and less pronounced. I’m definitely a fan and will continue to use this under my make-up.  Airbrush Away Primer is available in-store and at the Boots website here for £19.50.  There’s currently a 3for2 promotion on certain No7 products including this one, so if you fancy trying out this or anything from the new No7 Beautiful Skin range, now’s the time!

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