GlossyBox: May 2012

This month, Glossybox became a year old which is quite astonishing and proves how this year has flown by, as I remember the launch really clearly and it does not feel like a year ago!  Anyway, Happy Birthday Glossybox and here’s to the first of many.  

This month’s box contents was pretty good, and including a few products that I’ll definitely be using.  As usual, here’s the contents in order of my favourites first:  
Murad Clarifying Mask
I’ve been eyeing up various new masks that are aimed at treating spots as I’m now getting a couple from the heat (I always get them when the sun comes out as I start trying out new sunscreens) so this couldn’t have arrived at a better time.  Murad have a pretty good reputation for spot-fighting so it’ll be interesting to see how this delivers.  
Uniq One All in One Hair Mask 
This product interests me because, as the name suggests, it appears to promise to achieve quite a lot so I’m intrigued to try it out…once I figure out how to use it! I’m not sure if I’m supposed to use it like a mask (in the shower after shampooing) or like a serum before styling.  I’ve lost the insert that came with the box so I’ll have to get my Google on to find out how to get it working….
If these had appeared in any of last year’s boxes then their presence would’ve been a bit of a dud, but now I’m au-fait (sort of) with false lashes these will definitely get some use.  The ones I was are B126 – whatever that may mean – and they look quite natural and I’m intrigued to see how they are on the eye as the length focuses on the middle rather than the outer corners, like most lashes I’m used to.  
Glossybox Handheld Mirror (Bonus Item)
To mark the occasion, Glossybox included a handheld mirror which is actually really lovely! It feels sturdy, and has a standard mirror on one side and a magnifying mirror on the other side.  
Noble Isle Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel
This does smell really nice but it’s the sort of scent I’d prefer to smell on a man as opposed to myself.  It’s got a strong, masculine aroma that is really appealing and I’ll probably end up using this as a hand wash, or I’ll donate it to my Dad.  
Lolita Lempicka Perfume Samples X2
Perfume samples.  Grrrrrr.  I’m really not a fan of the inclusion of these as I do think these are the sort of things that we can happily and easily pick up ourselves at pretty much any department store/chemist.  To be honest, neither of these scents are terrible but then again nor are they particularly exciting.  I have to love a perfume immediately and want to keep smelling it to consider buying that, and both these are fairly sweet, gentle and feminine but also quite ‘meh’.
To be fair this is a pretty good box.  I could definitely have done without the perfume samples and I would’ve liked a bit of make-up, but the majority of the items I’m happy with and I’m especially happy to see that there was quite a variety throughout the boxes this month, with others getting things from Weleda, HD Brows and the fabulous Apivita.  I personally like the lucky dip approach of this as then it’s a bit more of a surprise when it arrives.  Beauty box creators are never going to please everyone and there will always be those who say “I wish I’d got this rather than that”, but I think as long as the mix is different each month and new brands are added regularly, with a good mix of the known and the unknown then Glossybox should definitely be celebrating their 2nd birthday this time next year.
Glossybox (S) costs £10 plus £2.95 p+p.  

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