Stylfile: Nail File, Buffer and Emergency File

The Apprentice fans will already know of this range; created by winner Tom Pellereau, it’s a small range of 3 types of nail products.  In the range you have the lead product which is the Nail File, a Buffer and an Emergency File.  All three products are “S” shaped to fit with the curve of the nail to make the process of filing and buffering considerably easier.

Nail File

Even though this is the product most people have raved about, it’s my least favourite; purely and simply because, whilst I like the file and it’s definitely an effective file on it’s own, I don’t think it makes a huge difference to making filing my nails easier.  However, I file my nails a lot so it could be that I’m so used to the standard approach that anything different just feels weird!


This is much more up my street as I definitely see how this makes things a lot easier.  The big plus with using this is that it’s quite tricky to file over the nail without ending up with strangely shiny skin on either edge of the nail….just me?  It happens every time I buff my nails! This fits the nail snugly and comfortably and the “S” shape really improves the buffing experience and speeds the process up.

Emergency File

This is a hybrid of both the Buffer and the Nail File and I just think this is fab; I especially love the fact that it comes with a protective case, meaning that it won’t scratch and file the contents of your handbag if it’s chucked in there with everything else.  It’s dinky, easy to use and really, really handy.  Every aspect of the design has been carefully considered, so this is definitely my favourite product in the range.

So all in all, an excellent offering from Tom (I thought he was really hot during the series, is that weird?) and definitely some great products for nail newbies and pros alike.

Available all over the place including Boots.

Disclosure:  samples provided for editorial consideration.  



  • Beauty Fiend
    September 15, 2012

    I love these nail files, discovered them a few years ago and fell in love. Such a great idea
    Beauty Fiends Blog

    • BeautyGeekUK
      Beauty Fiend
      September 19, 2012

      They’re interesting aren’t they? I definitely love the Emergency File as it’s so handy to travel with xx

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