Christmas Gift Guide: Benefit

I tried really hard to put together a gift guide featuring Benefit products that didn’t focus heavily on their kits, as let’s face it, they do have more to offer than just beauty kits…BUT this year they’ve made it particularly difficult as they have so many pretty kits available and I want them all.  Therefore, I gave in and here are all my favourite Benefit beauty kits:

How to Look the Best at Everything

I love the name of this product and it features everything you need to create the perfect base.  I think base kits are quite neglected (normally kits focus on things like eyes and lips) so this kit, that includes primer, foundation, 2 shades of concealer, powder and a brush, really is rather special and surprisingly purse-friendly at £24.50.

Perk Up Artist 

This is a kit of 3 complexion correctors: one for correcting, one for concealing and for brightening.  I’m thinking this would be fantastic for the holiday season considering that’s usually the time that most people (including me, sadly) start looking a bit run down, so this kit should be everything we need to stop the dreaded black circles around the eyes looking too obvious, priced at £22.50.

Feelin’ Dandy

I was so excited when these kits arrived as I absolutely love Dandelion; it’s one of those rare pale pinks that really does brighten the face without looking too sickly or girly so it’s a perfect everyday blusher.  I actually went on a hunt to find a decent dupe for it when I first started blogging and got nowhere with it!  As well as the Dandelion blush, there’s a matching lipgloss, Posietint (the pinker version of the brands cult Benetint) and High Beam which is a beautiful liquid highlighter.  This costs £24.50.

She’s So Jetset 

This is more of a traditional palette that includes a little bit of everything: 4 eye shadows, Porefessional primer, They’re Real mascara, face powder, lipgloss and a couple of brushes.  This would make a wonderful gift for someone who’s new to make-up or travels a lot as you really do get a good selection of basics to work with.  Priced at £29.50.

Good Time Gals Mini

This is a fabulous little stocking filler set that includes minis of Posietint, Girl Meets Pearl and That Gal primer.  I’m thinking you could either give it to one person, or if you’re putting together stockings then a couple of these kits would result in 6 great stocking fillers.  This costs £15.

My Pick? 

Another hard one to narrow down as I can’t decide between the Feelin’ Dandy kit and How to Look the Best at Everything.  My heart says How to Look the Best at Everything but I know I have plenty of base products so I’d say Feelin’ Dandy would be the best choice for me as I love Dandelion and I haven’t tried the matching lipgloss yet.


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