Battle of the Bioderma Micellars: Sensibio vs Sebium

Battle of the Bioderma Micellars: Sensibio vs Sebium

Bioderma H20 Micellar Solutions

I’m sure anybody who’s even briefly glanced at a beauty blog in the last few months will know that Bioderma has now fully launched in the UK.  The launch has included a fairly substantial collection of Bioderma products, but what most people tend to associate with Bioderma is the Micellar Solutions (H20), namely Sensibio.  Therefore, I thought I’d put Sensibio to the test against Bioderma Sebium to see how they measure up.

Sensibio H20*

Bioderma Sensibio H20

I’ll start with Sensibio H20 which comes from the Sensibio range of products designed for sensitive skin types.  Both aesthetically and texturally it’s about as close to water as you can get which is kind of the brilliance of it, as when you first use it you wonder how a product that appears to be just water can achieve anything.  Having tried so many different types of eye make-up remover, this is the one I come back to and I still use it daily.  I don’t use it as often for the rest of my face due to having been a long-term review for a skincare brand, but I still use it occasionally as an all over remover and it really is amazing.

Sebium H20*

Bioderma Sebium H20

Sebium, as the name kind of suggests, is designed for oily/spot-prone skin types, and consequently it’s a little more potent.  Significantly, it has a scent, colour and a feel on the skin too, making it quite different to Sensibio.  The scent is a bit melon-like, the colour is a pale, sea-water blue and and on the skin it feels every so slightly siliconey, which I would assume is part of the formulation designed to mop up oiliness.  I wouldn’t use this on my eyes but on the face it leaves skin squeaky clean, fresh and matte.  I would recommend this for people with very oily/oily skin, but if you’re prone to dryness then I think this would be a little too moisture-sucking.


There are some seriously good products in the Bioderma range and in a way it’s a bit of shame that the brand is so famous for it’s H20, as I fear it won’t occur to people that there’s more to the brand than a micellar solution.  Therefore it’s definitely worth investigating the brand further and trying some of their products other than the micellars as they appear to be sensibly formulated and well priced.  If you have your heart set on a micellar, however, then you really can’t go from with the Sensibo H20 which is still my absolute favourite of all time.  It’s gentle, effective, kind to skin and worth every penny.  Bioderma products are available now from Escentual and John, Bell & Croydon.


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