Avon Ultra Colour Lip Crayons

Avon Ultra Colour Lip CrayonsPIN IT

Out of all of the fabulous new products coming our way from the new Avon Ultra Colour collection, I think the Lip Crayons are going to be the ones to cause the most excitement.  Not only are they a purse-friendly £7.50 each, but they also come in an impressive range of amazingly opaque shades.  I have five of them to show you, the only one missing is Notice Me Nude.

New Avon Ultra Colour Lip CrayonsPIN IT

There are several shades I absolutely love; namely Carefree Coral which is such a brilliantly bright orangey coral shade and Showstopper Pink which is, as the name suggests, a seriously neon pink that’s actually surprisingly flattering.  Reddy For Me is an easy-to-wear red that doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, but is nice enough and Fresh Fuchsia is a pretty berry shade (I do love my berry shades) that could not be more misnamed as there really isn’t anything fuchsia about it.  Lastly my least favourite is Risque Rose, which I thought I’d love, but it has a slight brown/gold tinge to it on the lips that I’m not a fan of.

Top to bottom:  Showstopper Pink, Carefree Coral, Risque Rose, Reddy For Me and Fresh Fuchsia.

PIN IT Avon Ultra Colour Lip Crayons, top to bottom:
Showstopper Pink, Carefree Coral, Risque Rose, Reddy For Me and Fresh Fuchsia.


Wear is good, and as these are much close to their lipstick parents than the average chubby-style lip crayon they tend to last as well as an average lipstick, yet come in the wonderfully convenient format of a pencil.  They taste a little bit funky – kind of bitter – so anyone who’s sensitive to flavours in lip products will want to tread very carefully with these.  Avon Ultra Colour Lip Crayons are going to get quickly compared to other chubby products already available, which is a bit unfair because I don’t think that’s what they’re trying to be and are instead just conveniently packaged lipsticks, and to acknowledge them on that basis, I think they’re pretty fabulous, cheap and wonderfully bright lip products, several of which have made my reach-for pile.  The fun starts in August 2013.

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