Pur Minerals 5-Piece Start Now Kit

Pur Minerals have been around in the UK for a little while, and my experience of the brand is fairly mixed.  I absolutely love their primers, and a lot of their base products are fabulous, but my first introduction to the range was with their 4in1 powder which I really couldn’t get on with at all.  However, I don’t know if it’s because my hormonal skin is more responsive, or maybe they’ve changed the formula, but I’ve got on a helluva lot better with it this time around as you can hopefully see in the before and after pictures below.


The Pur Minerals 5-Piece Start Now Kit contains minis of four of their products; the 4in1 powder, Neutral Primer, Mineral Glow (bronzer/highlighter combi) Impact+ mascara as well as the Chisel Brush, which is the brush they suggest using to apply the powders.  I haven’t had a chance to try the mascara or the Mineral Glow yet, so this post will focus on the other three products.


I’ll start off with the primer which is a good, solid, no-frills base that works effectively to adhere the powder to the skin, without letting it cake on any difficult patches.  It’s basic, and not my favourite by the brand as their colour correcting one leaves this Neutral version standing, but it does the j0b without upsetting my skin.  The Chisel Brush is one of those annoying products that desperately needs a bit of perfecting.  It’s so good for buffing product in and the firmness of the bristles is bang on for coverage, but it sheds and it’s scratchy which is very off-putting. Considering Pur Minerals is quite an expensive brand, I would hope for better; at the very least I would expect it not to shed!

Pur Minerals 4in1 Before and AfterPIN IT

The 4in1 is a little star product that has got mineral powder foundation completely nailed.  It’s very buildable, buffs in beautifully and lasts until removal.  It’s also got what I would call ‘just before matte’ finish, meaning that it’s basically matte but doesn’t go fully chalky, so skin still looks like it has life.  The reason I mention this is because a lot of mineral powder foundations like to add that plastic glow look (blimin’ mica) which is very flattering and makes skin looks radiant, but it’s also very unnatural, whereas the Pur Minerals take on the mineral foundation allows you to add your own glow to the level you desire.  In the pictures above, there is literally nothing else on my skin other than the primer and the powder foundation.


The kit is available in 8 shades, and I’m Fair which is second from palest (the palest being Porcelain) but there are some pretty good shades available which is excellent.  The kit is £39.50 which is okay value depending on what you’re after; if you fancy a little introduction to the Pur Minerals brand then you can’t go wrong with this, but if you’re mostly getting involved to try the foundation then I’d recommend just buying that individually for £24 and saving a few quid.  Pur Minerals 5-Piece Start Now Kit is available now from M&S.

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