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I recently posted about a couple of new Liz Earle releases, including the polishes which form part of their colour collection, and now I have some thoughts to share on their make-up collection.  I’ve recently found myself requesting and purchasing more “finger-friendly” make-up, and by nice I mean shades and textures that, if needs be, I can dab on with my fingers and the finish will look natural and dewy rather than slap-dash and poorly applied.

Liz Earle Make-up Before and AfterPIN IT

This is probably a subconscious reaction to impending motherhood, but it’ll also be handy for when I go into hospital next week.  With that in mind, the products I was sent from Liz Earle meet this criteria wonderfully, so I put them all together in a FOTD below along with my thoughts on the individual products.  The only additional products used in the pictures above are Smashbox Brow Tech To Go in Taupe and Clarins Be Long Mascara in Black.

Signature Foundation in Porcelain 


My only experience of Liz Earle make-up is their (soon-to-be discontinued) Perfect Finish Powder Foundation, which to this day is one of the absolute best powder foundations I’ve ever come across, so if you’re a fan you’ll need to stock up now! Having now tried the Signature Foundation too, one thing I can say is how much I love their Porcelain shades, which are so creamy and milky in finish and work really well against paler complexions like mine.  The Signature Foundation is low to medium coverage, which isn’t normally something I’d go for, but it is quite buildable and I’ve found with the addition of the Perfect Fix Concealer (below) it gives a really natural, dewy (but not greasy) finish that is so similar to skin that it’s really appealed to me recently.  It merges with skin so well that you can happily apply it with your fingers, although I’ve been using a stipple brush followed by a beauty blender on hard to cover areas.  £21 here – link.

Perfect Fix Concealer in Fair 


I’m not usually a fan of stick concealers other than the main Vichy Dermablend one, but this is actually a really solid offering from Liz Earle.  I won’t go as far as to say that it’s in my top concealer list, but as someone who seeks out extremely heavy coverage I’m probably in the minority of not finding this one high enough coverage.  It’s very effective as masking redness, acne marks and it’s also creamy enough to use under the eyes without any dragging or dryness, making this a good investment.  Again, it’s easy to blend with fingers and it works really well with the Signature Foundation whilst lasting really well.  £13.50 here – link.

Healthy Glow Cream Blush in Camellia


This is probably my favourite product out of the bunch as it’s just so flattering! As well as great shades for pale skins, the other thing I think the brand have nailed is that really natural, healthy look that we’re all trying to achieve; there are certainly the products available in their range for that look and this blush is definitely one of them.  Unfortunately my snaps make this look quite orange, whereas it’s more of a coral/orange/rose pink shade that is awesome on my skin; it immediately takes me from scary, pregnant and iron-deficient girl to fairly healthy and rosy-cheeked; not easy to do!  It’s very creamy without any grease, which means it builds brilliantly and works at its best when applied with fingers.  £16.50 here – link.

Signature Eye Colour in Nude


If you were to swatch this you’d probably wonder why I love it so much, but I really do as it’s the perfect hint of colour that just brings eyes forward without looking like any make-up has been applied.  It’s an extremely mild brown shade – Nude being the perfect shade name – that adds a little enhancement and definition to my eyes when they just need a gentle pick-me-up.  This shade also works really well as a base for other neutral looks, and again it applies brilliantly with both a brush and fingers.  £13.50 here – link.

Signature Lip Colour in Damask Rose 


This is my least favourite out of the products I received, but this is mainly due to the shade rather than the lipstick itself.  I’m a bit obsessed with a natural look at the moment and this shade is quite bright in comparison to the rest of my make-up, which is quite a good look in itself – toned down make-up and bright lips – but I’m going through a no make-up-make-up phase which this shade conflicts with.  Therefore, I’m applying it as a very little stain by applying a little on the centre of each lip before smooching it out with fingers.  This gives the tiniest hint of colour in much the same way as the Nude eye colour shade above.  £14 here – link.


I knew the Liz Earle colour range would be a collection I’d get on well with and to be honest I’m surprised I haven’t indulged sooner.  The products are all extremely well priced considering their well crafted formulations (much the same as their skincare range) so if you’re unfamiliar with the range, definitely put aside some time and visit your nearest Liz Earle counter for a introduction, or check out the products on the Liz Earle site here – link.

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  • Charlotte (@makupbcandlelit)
    November 1, 2013

    Damask rose is such a pretty shade and the packaging is sleek too. I’ve never even thought about trying Liz Earle’s makeup, I always think of LE as a skin care brand, but will have a look at it now :o). Xx

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