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  1. Any idea what the shades of primer equate to? I’m assuming the colours will be quite rich. The blush bronzer looks lovely.

    1. How do you mean? As in the three different colours within the primer itself (it’s a colour correcting primer so there’s skin colour plus green and lilac for reducing redness and sallowness) or the colours the primer is available in? I’m not sure about the latter unfortunately, but I have the lightest shade Fair and it’s absolutely spot-on for my very pale skin tone – I’m always the palest in everything and sit between N15-20 in the Mac scale. Hope that helps but let me know if not xx

  2. Ah – I hadn’t realised it had green and lilac in it! I wear fairly light in Bare Minerals and Fair in Balance and Brighten, so wasn’t sure whether I would need fair or light. I used to always go for the lightest shade of any range, but although I’m fair skinned I wouldn’t say I was porcelain fair.

  3. I must have this! It is already in the diary. Just hope I can match myself to the right shade for the CC primer (light or medium?!) since I won’t get my hands on it until I come back to London. I haven’t tried Tarte before, but I have only heard good things.

    1. I reckon there’ll be swatches and comparisons online as I ‘think’ the product has been around for a little while, so well worth having a Google and seeing what it brights up. It’s an awesome kit and it will definitely fly off the shelves (so to speak) so definitely move quickly! xx

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