Boots No7 Gel-Look Shine Summer Colours


When the sun is out, nothing compliments the wonderful glow quite as much as beautiful, vibrant lips and tips.  The summer shades of the Boots No7 Gel-Look Shine polishes are truly summery colours; bright, cheery, fun and something for everyone, these are absolutely lovely.  I remember first seeing them at a press event a while ago and thinking at the time that I couldn’t wait for them to launch as they really symbolised summer for me, and now here they are!


There are four shades in the summer collection: Summer Holiday – a bright yet easy pink; Orange Spice – a juicy, warm orange; Mint Treat – a lovely turquoise that seems to turn more green or more blue depending on the light and finally Lemon Drop which is a very wearable yellow.


My absolute favourite of the four is…no, not the pink, surprisingly! Although I love Summer Holiday, my favourite is Mint Treat as it’s a truly lovely colour that is one of those shades I think you can only really get away with when the sun is out.  It’s also a gorgeous shade for toe nails, although I think all of them are fabulous pedicure shades that’ll either enhance feet that are just being slipped into their first sandal or the year, or compliment a tanned foot beautifully.

No7 Summer HolidayPIN IT

I really do love all four of these colours, but if I had to pick my least favourite then I’d probably say Lemon Drop, purely because I can’t see myself wearing it any time soon.  Having said that, it’s still a lovely shade of yellow and if you’re a yellow nail fan then this will most-definitely flatter.

No7 Mint TreatPIN IT

Finish-wise unfortunately they involve a little more work than typical polishes as you can see in the swatches which are one coat on the left and two coats on the right.  One coat is about as streaky as you can get, whereas two coats is a little better.  Having said that, in an ideal world and if you have the time then it’s well worth three coats as I can see a bit of streaking in certain lights, but I might just be being picky.

No7 Orange SpicePIN IT

Thankfully, once you’ve put in the work then they do stay put as I’ve had mine on for several days without any sign of wear, which might not sound amazing, but I have my hands plunged in hot soapy water every day to clean Teddy’s bottles, so this is almost always the killer of a new manicure!

No7 Lemon DropPIN IT

In conclusion, if you’re happy to put in the work of an additional coat then these are well worth trying as they give great staying power along with a fantastic, vibrant and glossy finish and I really do love those colours – have I made that clear yet…?


Each of the No7 Gel-Look Shine Summer Colours are available now for £7 a pop.  However, if you’re struggling to pick which one takes your fancy then worry not, as they’ve put all four into a set for £20 here – link – which saves you £8.  If you’re just after a single polish then you’ll find them here – link.

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  • Hannah Rose
    July 7, 2014

    I love the look of these, especially the pink! Perfect summer colours xx

    • Sascha
      Hannah Rose
      July 9, 2014

      They are really lovely shades xx

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