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If you love nails (and going by the traffic I get for any nail-related posts, I think you do…) then you might want to look away now, as I’m about to cost you a small fortune.  I have a very strange relationship with nail products, as I think I find all things nail related more exciting than anything else, yet I’m certainly no nail blogger, nor do I maintain a perfectly kept manicure, but I just love, love, love all things nail.  It’s a weird one! Today I want to introduce you to a brand that’s new to me, which is Only Fingers + Toes.

Only Fingers + Toes Six Polish BoxPIN IT

I was lucky enough to meet the team behind the brand recently and have a sneaky peak at the range.  Only Fingers + Toes is a comprehensive range of all things fingers and toes (funny that) which includes pretty much everything you might need to keep perfect nails on both your hands and feet.

Only Fingers + Toes Polishes and SwatchesPIN IT

So on top of the range of colours (which I believe currently stands at just under 70 shades) there are also files, treatments, buffer blocks and everything else you need to prepare nails for your favourite shade.  Speaking of your favourite shade, you’re likely to find it within the range as there are the most beautiful shades in every finish you can think of; I was lucky enough to take away six on the day which resulted in an alarmingly lengthy agonising over what shade to wear first.  It was a sobering experience…

Only Fingers + Toes SwatchesPIN IT

I’ll start by talking about the presentation of the products as I feel it’s very relevant.  Each polish is individually packaged in a presentation box.  This might sound like a weird thing to focus on, but it adds a decadence to the overall experience as you very much feel as if you’re treating yourself to a true gift.  This is also handy if you’re buying for someone else as there are various options depending on how much you’re planning to spend; you can either buy an individual shade, or a 3-shade set, or a 6-shade set (pictured) and there are also mega-sized 24-shade sets which are just beautiful, but at £275 a go you’d have to really like the person you’re buying for!

Only Fingers + Toes BrushPIN IT

The six shades I have are Steel Shimmer (shimmering silver), Spanky (mid salmon pink), Rhythm (bright sky blue), Tickle (bright mid pink shot through with silver shimmer – soooo swoony), Delish (raspberry pink with a metallic leaning – expect a NOTD post soon as I have it on right now) and Glam Squad which is a deep berry pink with red glitter that looks stunning on the swatch as you can see.  Okay so is anyone really surprised that my selections are a tad pink heavy? Just be glad I didn’t go for a fully pink edit and instead included a blue and a silver mmmkay?

Only Fingers + Toes BottlePIN IT

The polishes themselves are free from the five nasties – DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and Phthalic Acid – and the bottle handle is designed to make application easy and comfortable, which I can happily vouch for.  Even the brush itself has been designed to make things as easy as possible for the user, so an incredible level of thought has gone into the range to ensure the whole experience – from buying to using – is as pleasurable as possible.

Only Fingers + Toes Glass Nail FIlePIN IT

I am so excited by the Only Fingers + Toes range as I feel they fill a gap in the market for a truly luxury range of nail products.  The colours are fresh and fun, the campaigns are interesting and different and I love the presentation of all the products; I’ve already earmarked some purchases I’ll be making soon.  Oh and as a final thought, I applied Delish on Monday and have spent several hours with my hands dipped in hot soapy water (for washing up Teddy’s bottles, not just for the hell of it) yet there is not a single sign of wear on any nail; I am extremely impressed and this proves that you are paying for serious quality.  Head here – link – to find out more about the range which you can purchase at Harvey Nichols here – link.  The polishes are £16, the beautiful glass file above (of which I’m too scared to use for fear of ruining it’s prettiness with my manky nail filings) is £20 and the majority of the other products sit between the £10 and £20 mark.

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