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Widely perceived to be the world’s most popular lash brand, Eylure have now expanded their product line to include a brilliantly comprehensive line of brow products.  They’ve gone all out and launched everything you could need to create that perfect arch, from powders to pencils to oils to stencils, they’ve got it covered! I was sent a little selection and whilst the majority are too dark for me to use everyday, I can comment on the products so I thought I’d share my thoughts alongside a little intro to these new arrivals.


First up is the Brow Palette which I was fortunately sent in shade Blonde which is a great match for me.  The trio of products within the palette are two shadows and one wax, the former of which allow to mix around to make your own bespoke shade, plus the lighter shade is great for adding some serious definition under the arch.  The palette comes with a double-ended brush that’s a lot handier than the usual included brush types and this palette will set you back £9.95 – not bad for less than a tenner.


Next are the brow pens which come in a choice of crayon or pencils, both of which are soft and easy to use, however, if you prefer a softer look or are prone to being a bit heavy-handed then I’d recommend trying the pencil which has a slightly harder nib, and therefore will be harder to make a mistake with.  The pencil also comes with a spoolie to come lashes which is essential for a perfect finish.  Both pencils in the image above are in the Mid Brown shade, with the pencil costing £5.45 and the crayon £6.45.


The Brow Nourishing Oil is the product I’ve stayed far away from for fear of spotty brows, but I get why it would appeal to those who have sparse brows as this is a great way to help nourish them with the hope that a bit of TLC will encourage more growth.  It comes in a handy rollerball format and costs £8.25.


I’m still trying to pluck up the courage to try the Permanent Brow Tint as I love having tinted brows and I especially love the idea of a convenient at-home treatment, but I’m nervous that the colour will be too dark and I’ll head over into “Scouse-Brow” territory…Interestingly, I’d say the range is amazing well priced apart from these which are £9.95 each for just a single use.


When I first started getting into brows a few years ago, the original Eylure Brow Stencils were so handy for getting the right kind of shape – I think it was one of the first products I discussed on this very blog – so I’m glad they’ve added more shapes to their range which these stencils.  They’re really very easy, you just hold them in place and fill in with the pencil or powder, which then leaves you with perfectly finished brows.  I highly recommend these if you’re prone to lopsided filling-in! These are £4.95 for the pack and they will last you quite some time.

I’m really excited about these new products.  I’ve had them quite a while but I haven’t done a huge amount with them due to their darker shades, but having revisited them today and realised how well priced they are for such great products, I’m definitely going to hunt down the Blonde shades in my next trip to Boots where I’m hoping they’ll be stocked, although I can’t see them online.  These are all available now from Eylure here – link.  I’ll be doing a feature on brow products soon, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re a brow fan.

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