Makeup Revolution Blusher Palettes – Hot Spice & Sugar and Spice


What is it about blush palettes? I think the Crown Blush Palette was one of the first things I blogged about when I picked it up at Olympia Beauty, and still to this day whenever I come across it in Make-Up Mountain (what I call my dressing area – no longer a table, but an ‘area’) I like to look at it for a few moments and just admire the beauty of a blush palette.  I’m not strange, you all do this too.  So when I first heard Makeup Revolution were planning to release something similar, I knew I’d have to get involved.


There is no Superdrug near me and even though Makeup Revolution are available online, online shopping doesn’t always work well for me as I have time to ponder and talk myself out of unnecessary purchases. A couple of times a year I visit Harlequin in Watford for a Primarni binge, and of course there’s a Superdrug there, so that’s when I picked both these palettes up.


No regrets as they are frickin’, frickin’ awesome.  Each palette contains a good mix of finishes from matte to slightly shimmery to full on metallic highlighter territory.  There are currently only two shade variants available, Hot Spice and Sugar and Spice.  Sugar and Spice contains mostly takes on pink shades such as lilac, rose and berry (as well as the more traditional pink shades and a relatively good take on Mac’s Mocha) and Hot Spice covers the oranges with coral, peach and salmon.

Makeup Revolution Blusher Palette Hot SpicePIN IT

There is very little I love more than pink make-up; give me pink lips and cheeks and I’m a happy girl, and whilst I think pink suits me, I’m often told by make-up artists that my complexion is better suited to peachy shades and I have to say they’re absolutely right.  The Hot Spice palette is getting a lot of use as the colours really bring to life, leaving me looking healthy and glowy.  I will always return to pink as I can’t help it, but for the meantime I’m Hot Spicing it on a daily basis and I’m thinking I’ll Sugar and Spice it when the cold weather really takes over and I’m after the flushed look.

Makeup Revolution Blusher Palette Sugar and SpicePIN IT

The shimmer shades are not half as shimmery as they look in the palette which is a relief as I’m not a huge fan of a shimmering blusher.  They leave a slight glow, but very little glitter and all the shades blend down beautifully.  I tend to go for a layering approach with blusher for the most natural finish, which involves applying the blusher, then buffing it down with a brush and powder before adding another layer and buffing it down again.  It’s a bit more work but the payoff is worth it I think, as the colour looks like part of your own natural flush rather than a great blusher.  The highlighters are very, very good as they’re pretty frosty but extremely blendable, making them a versatile addition to the palette, with each palette containing one.  I think you’re getting more of a variety from Sugar and Spice as the pinks go pretty deep into berry shades, whereas Hot Spice is all slight variants on coral shades.  However, for £6 a pop (!!) you absolutely cannot go wrong with these little stars.  Find them here – link.

*Purchased by me.


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  • gio
    October 10, 2014

    I love pink blushes and these look great!

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