Boots Seventeen Nail Effects: Tinsel and Glitter


‘Tis the season for all things sparkly (just over five weeks to go…) so I thought I’d start this rather miserable looking Monday with something bright, festive and glittery.  The Boots Seventeen Nail Effects are actually a pretty impressive range of polishes that perform different, visual effects such as foil, glitter and holographs, plus, within the range there are also add-ons like nails studs, all of which sit in the Seventeen price point under a fiver.


The three Nail Effects I have are two of the glitters Black & Gold and Red and one of the Tinsels in Blue.  There are two more Tinsel shades available and four more Glitter shades.  Whilst these look very pretty in their pots, they really come to life in the swatches.  To give you an idea of the different effects, I used each of them over a pale shade (HJ Manicure Pink Bikini), a bright shade (OPI Coca Cola Red) and a dark shade (HJ Manicure Alpine Green).


I actually can’t decide on my favourite of the three.  I really expected to dislike the Black & Gold Glitter as I don’t often like true gold shades, but these two work really well together and look so great on the swatch.  As you can see, there are little black flecks throughout with larger black and gold hexagon shapes too.


I thought the blue Tinsel shade would be my favourite of the three, and whilst I definitely like it, I wouldn’t say I like it more than the other two.  It’s got a good mix of pink and blue textures which give it a real party tinsel feel, plus I think it’s the most versatile of the three as it shows up well on all three colours.  I like it best over a paler shade though.


Lastly we have the red shade of Glitter which again I really, really like, especially over the Alpine Green shade as it’s like an edgy take on Christmas festive shades.  This is a more simple mix of varying red shapes that would do well as an accent nail on a red manicure.


These are real winners for me and they might even sway me to wear a glitter manicure, despite no doubt being a nightmare to remove.  The Tinsels can be found here – link – for £3.99 and the Glitters here – link – for £3.99 too.

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  • gio
    November 17, 2014

    They’re all so pretty! I can’t pick a favourite either.

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