Quick Pick Tuesday: Dentyl Active Mouthwash


I’m quite enjoying all things dental at the moment, especially as I’m desperately trying to boost the whiteness of my teeth which are suffering daily abuse from the amount of coffee I drink.  For years I’ve used Listerine mouthwash as it has such a great reputation, but I was recently sent a bottle of Dentyl Active mouthwash, so I thought I’d give this a go for a few weeks and see how I got on.

Dentyl Active is quite well known for ridding your mouth of visible nasties that you can see in the sink when you spit the mouthwash out after a 30 second gargle.  My dad absolutely swears by this and still takes great pleasure in seeing the bits in the post-spit residue (grim, I know) but for some reason I don’t seem to produce any visible bits when I spit, which leads me to the conclusion that whatever’s happening in my mouth is either successfully removed during brushing, or stubbornly clinging on for dear life.

This is an ideal mouthwash for anyone who likes something mild and gentle as it really is exactly that and I get why my dad likes it so much.  For me it’s just a little bit too mild, but having checked the site there appear to be quite a few variants, so I might pick up a different flavour and see if I get on better with that.  I will say that my mouth feels extremely clean after use, so in that regard it’s definitely doing it’s job…maybe I’m just being too fussy?  For more on the product line head here – link – and to purchase head here – link – where it’s priced between £3.29 and £4.39.

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