An Introduction to Erborian Skincare

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I’ve said quite a few times on here how much I love French skincare – I think they’re pretty much skincare pioneers when it comes to new innovations and amazing formulations.  I also love the often quirky yet high performing Korean skincare brands, so you can imagine how excited I got when I heard about Erborian, which is a brand created by a French beauty expert and a Korean scientist, with the brand being built around Herbal Science – the word “Erborian” translates as “Herbs of the Orient”.

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The Erborian Ritual consists of three steps: Detox, Boost and Refine.  The Detox step consists of using an oil based cleanser such as the pictured Herbal Energy Cleanser, which is a really interesting product that I don’t think I’ve come across before; it’s very much like a bi-phase eye make-up remover that you use on your whole face.  It’s very oily and it gives a good deep down cleanse which you’ll need to follow up with a toner such as the Herbal Energy Lotion, although I’ve just followed with the rest of my routine which includes a toner or two…you know how I like my toners! The Herbal Energy Cleanser is £26 and the Herbal Energy Lotion is £22.

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Next are the two products I haven’t tried yet, for different reasons.  First up is the beautifully scented and very prettily presented Camellia Essence which I’ll definitely be trying at some point, however I’m too scared to add even more to my currently bulging skincare routine.  It falls into the step 2 Boost category of the Erborian routine and is a hydrating and anti-inflammatory oil that contains lots of skin-loving goodies such as vitamin E and the omegas.  It hasn’t quite launched yet, but it will do in May for £65.  The second product I haven’t used is the CC Creme which is one of the final stage products in the Refine step.  I do think it’ll be a little too dark on me unfortunately, but I’ve only swatched it on my hand so far (it feels lovely and light) so if I make any progress with it, I’ll follow up with a full review.  I did have a play with the lighter shade of the BB Creme at the event which felt and looked amazing! The CC Creme is £36.

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Last we come to my favourite of the products I’ve tried, which is the Sleeping BB Mask, another of the Refine products.  It’s a deeply hydrating yet light overnight mask that contains a high concentration of fatty acids, yet it doesn’t feel heavy at all.  I used this on the night of the event, then the next night, then the next night…you’re only supposed to use it at most 3 times a week, which is probably for the best as it’ll prove to be quite an expensive habit if not! This is a fab intro the range and it didn’t upset or anger my spots, yet skin felt soooo velvety come the next morning.  It’s already available online at Space NK for £32 here – link.

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  • Judge Beauty
    February 12, 2015

    Hi, Sascha-

    I believe exactly as you do – I’m a huge fan of French skin care and am a recent, but fervent lover of Korean skin care. Keep reviewing these products so there is some direction in which to go when making a purchase. Good job and thanks for the honesty.

    • Sascha
      Judge Beauty
      February 12, 2015

      Thanks so much – I definitely well and I really rate this brand so far xx

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