Teddy: Money Saving on Baby Bits at Boots

Teddy: Money Saving on Baby Bits at Boots

Boots Baby Savings

I actually visit Boots a couple of times a week for two very specific reasons; firstly to see what’s new in the beauty aisles and establish if there’s anything I’ve missed and secondly, to stock up on Teddy bits and bobs.  I don’t think people realise just what a haven Boots is for all things baby and they do some fantastic deals alongside their Parenting Club which gives you 10 points to every £1 you spend on baby products up until your baby is 3 years old.

Boots Saving Organix

My most recent spend gave me such great savings that I thought I’d share it with you, just in case it hasn’t occurred to you to buy your baby bits from Boots! There are a few deals I always keep my eye out for, my most favourite being when they do their 3 for £3 deal on fruit pots.  Teddy gets through a lot of fruit pots as I mix one with his breakfast and one with his pre-bed porridge, so that’s 14 a week which works out quite expensive considering they’re between £1.50  – £2 for a set of 4.  The 3 for £3 deal gives you 3 sets of 4 for £3, which is almost half price and usually results in me stocking up on a load of them, especially as they have a great shelf life and don’t need to be refrigerated.

Boots Savings Pampers

The next deal I tend to zone in on is the nappies deal, which usually saves you a few pound here and there, although at the moment it’s 3 packs for the price of 2, which for me was a saving of just under a tenner.  Add to that the fact that they had a promo on my current nappy cream of choice, Bepanthen, reducing it from £3.35 to £2 if purchased with nappies – I bought three packs – and that resulted in some more great savings.

Boots Savings Hipp

Lastly, more food.  Boots often do a promo for the little baby jars which I find handy for Teddy’s tea.  He has a big breakfast and lunch so these are useful for a mid-afternoon snack, especially as they’re healthy and come in a great variety.  These are usually around the £1 mark, but currently on offer at 10 for £6 which is yet another good saving, but just make sure you pick up the right jars as I grabbed a couple from the wrong categories and didn’t get the deal.

Finish this off with the fact that you get great Advantage Card points from buying from Boots and if you’re a bit more organised than me, you can also use the App to find even more savings.  I was so excited about all the money I saved during my recent visit, so I thought I’d share!

*Everything paid for by me.


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