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I’m such a huge beauty gadget fan and I love anything designed to improve skincare, so I jumped at the chance to review the YOSO Pro, which is treatment system that works alongside your current skincare routine.  It’s a device that utilises ionic technology and soft vibrations to improve your whole skincare process, and it really is fab!

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The YOSO Pro has three modes; Cleanse, Moisturise and Boost as well as three intensity settings; Low, Medium and High.  It’s extremely simple to use as you literally just press the lower button to turn it on, then press the mode button until the mode you want is highlighted before doing the same for the intensity settings.

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Cleanse is designed to thoroughly cleanse your skin after you’ve removed your make-up, so you can use it with either a milky cleanser or what I (and going on reviews, most others) do which is use it with a toner.  Honestly it’s such a lovely refreshing feeling using this mode with a moisturising toner after I’ve done all my main cleansing and used an exfoliating toner.  You attach a cotton pad to the device which you then saturate with toner before working it all over the face, making sure you keep the cotton pad nice and moist so it doesn’t start catching on skin.

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The Moisturise function can also be used with a cotton pad, or without if the moisturiser is quite dense or creamy.  I tend to go without the pad for this phase and you use it in exactly the same way as the cleanse function, by working it all over your face.  If I have this right, I think the cleanse function uses the ionic technology to draw things out from the skin, whereas the moisturise function pushes things into the skin.  The boost function does a little bit of both and is designed for use with sheet masks or milky lotions…not really sure what the milky lotions cover, but there you go! I’ve been using this with overnight masks as well, to really push the product into the skin and it honestly makes such a difference.  It hasn’t had any impact on my spots, good or bad, but what it does do that’s extremely noticeable is leave my skin looking and feeling a lot cleanser and more hydrated – it’s that post-massage feeling you get when you’ve had a really good facial; skin looks glowy and like it’s really been pampered, and on the very occasional day when I’ve skipped using it my skin feels a lot rougher and loses it’s plumpness.  I tend to mostly use this in the evenings but you can use it both AM and PM, you just need to limit your daily use to 15 minutes a day as per the instructions.  Absolutely love the YOSO Pro and I think if you’re a skincare junkie, you’d love it too.  It’s £150 here – link.

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