Decleor Aroma Nutrition 1000 Grain Body Exfoliator and Aromessence Encens Nourishing Rich Body Oil

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I don’t tend to feature a lot of body products on the blog as, to be honest, I don’t find them that interesting; a product has to really appeal to me or offer something quite different to get me excited, which sadly rarely happens with body products.  Having said that, what I do love is a good bit of pampering, and I don’t think you can beat Decleor when it comes to pampering products.  They’ve recently added to their body products range with a line called Aroma Nutrition, and it’s safe to say it made the cut as a line I was very excited to get stuck into!

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The five new products that form the Decleor Aroma Nutrition line consist of two oils – Aroma Nutrition Satin Softening Dry Oil and Aromessence Encens Nourishing Rich Body Oil, a new scrub – the 1000 Grain Body Exfoliator, the Aroma Nutrition Nourishing Rich Body Cream and lastly the Aromessence Encens Nourishing Body Balm.  I’ve been trying out the exfoliator and the rich body oil, which together make for the most beautiful skin finish.  I’ve been making Sundays a day of pampering where I do all my hair, face and body treatments and using the scrub, before hair removal then following with the oil gives the skin on my legs the most fantastic finish, leaving them looking smooth and gleaming, so the arrival of these products is perfectly timed for warmer weather preparation.

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The 1000 Grain Body Exfoliator is designed to be used on dry skin and the tube comes with instructions on how best to apply the scrub for optimum efficiency.  It has never occurred to me to practice a scrub ritual as I’ve always just short of chucked it on and rubbed it about, so the aforementioned technique is well worth trying.  I’m very picky when giving my nod of approval to body scrubs as I often find them a bit too fiddly or slippery to really do much good, but this contains firm and effective scrubby bits housed in a rich balm, meaning skin not only feels polished after use, it also feels plumped and hydrated.  It’s £25 here – link.

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Next is the Aromessence Encens Nourishing Rich Body Oil, which, if you can ignore the trickily long name, is absolutely beautiful.  Firstly, credit must be given to the packaging – I’ve always been a huge fan of the little Aromessence oils as not only are they a joy to use, they’re just so pretty to look at – so I was thrilled to receive a this oil which is housed in a much larger version of the gorgeous bottle, which you can see side-by-side with the original here:

Aromessence Encens Nourishing Rich Body OilPIN IT

The oil comes with a pump-action dispenser that makes for easy application, either directly to where you’re applying or into your hands, with minimal mess.  I use this regularly on my legs and feet in my continual effort to get them sun-ready, and it’s such a joy to use.  It has a very strong fragrance so if you’re sensitive to such things then I’d head to a counter to try it out first, but the scent fades quickly leaving skin gleaming without any oily residue.  These two work so well together so if you’re looking for some investment products for your body that’ll get you summer ready, this is the duo I’d recommend.  The oil is £42 here – link.

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  • Sia
    April 26, 2015


    I just wanted to ask if it was alright, that I link to your blog,mans this post…? I love Decleor too, and really want to try out these products, so thought I might tell even more people. And of course as I said, link to your site, and give you the credits?

    Don’t know if that is anything you do?

    Hope it would be alright,

    • Sascha
      May 10, 2015

      Hi Sia, that’s absolutely fine, please feel free and thanks for asking xx

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